How Your Environment Affects Your Health

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You hear it all the time, you are what you eat, however, the same can be said about you are what your environment is to some extent as well. While we have a choice, much if not most of the time, on what will will eat on any giving day, the same cannot be said about what we take in through the environment in which we live.

There really isn’t a lot of debate when it comes to things like air quality living in a city and living in the country. For people with sensitive respiratory conditions the difference can literally mean having a good quality of like or a miserable one. When it comes to the air we breath there is not much we can do about it because of the obvious need to have oxygen to live.

There are other areas of our environment that some people never give a second though too, but can have a noticeable affect on their bodies. Take for instance the air quality in your home? Do you have air filters installed on your homes heating and or air conditioning unit? If you do have them, do you clean or replace then on a regular basis?

Several years ago I had our air ducts cleaned out by a professional air duct cleaning company. I was flabbergasted by the amount of dust that was built up in my homes duct work. It wasn’t just like a vacuum cleaner canister full of dirt either, it was a massive pile of dirt. I almost could believe it when I saw the amount that can out from the cleaning.

The other part is again the air filters. A lot of times these are things that go noticed because we all lead busy lives, however, it can make a noticeable different in the air quality of your home when the air filters are changes regularly.

Depending on what kind of heating system you have can make a big difference in your homes indoor air quality. If you have pets in the house, you can bet that there is a significant about of debris gathering up in your HVAC systems air filters.

So do yourself and your family a huge favor and call a professional to come over and do an air quality check, or even just go ahead and replace the air filters yourself if your inclines to do it. Your sure to notice a difference almost immediately.

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